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Guardian Marine Testing Case Study

  • GMT Lab

GMT provides laboratory analysis and commentary on the quality of marine fuels used by all seagoing vessels. The fuel used by ships is a bi-product of the crude oil refining process and its quality can vary. GMT undertakes rigorous testing to verify the properties of fuel provided to a vessel.

Anyone involved in the supply and use of these fuels knows how variable quality can be and the extreme dangers this can create for the ships, the crew and even the environment.

GMT’s service provides a genuinely fully integrated fuel testing service for all ship owners, managers or anyone involved in the purchasing or use of marine fuels. It is an invaluable checking procedure that helps ship owners avoid costly technical problems that can result if poor quality fuel damages the engine infrastructure. It also provides a commercial safeguard for those who operate or lease the ships by identifying any poor value fuel for example with an overly high water content.


When GMT set up its head office operation at The Wilton Centre in 2007 it started with three staff, the founding directors. After just three years the company has more than trebled its workforce and has built up an established reputation in the shipping industry.

It is now a viable, profitable business that is stable and has huge potential to expand. Business growth, which was initially driven by an active sales drive, has recently also included contact from parties who have heard about GMT via word of mouth recommendation. The company places huge emphasis on quality and its laboratory was awarded ISO 17025 accreditation at its first submission.

Often referred to as the Gold Standard, ISO/IEC 17025 has become an important benchmark in the field of laboratory analysis accreditation and measures the quality and technical competence of a testing facility.

The ISO 17025 accreditation is an addition to the company’s existing ISO 9001:2008 certification. These standards provide a Total Quality Management System and a tool to ensure GMT delivers a service which is accurate, innovative, timely and competitive.

GMT’s approach is to take full control and responsibility for every request it receives providing guaranteed service levels from booking of the courier, through collection and transit of sample to laboratory, testing and reporting. The heart of the company is focused on providing a service with the aim to exceed all others in the industry being available 24hr/7day all year round to call upon for all aspects of fuel quality and usage.

Guardian Marine Testing at the Wilton Centre

The well-equipped laboratory facilities and fully inclusive office accommodation packages offered by the centre enabled GMT to move straight in and start operations from day one. The company was able to focus on its business thanks to the range of services already in place such as telephone and internet access, a professional reception service and reliable security. As far as the laboratory set-up is concerned GMT has been able to piggy-back on the health and safety procedures that the centre already has in place thus fulfilling its own obligations.

The range of choice and flexibility of space on offer at Wilton Centre enabled the company to select accommodation to suit its start-up status whilst allowing it the scope for future expansion. Whilst the benefits of being based in a technically-based centre, also mean that GMT is located amongst like-minded businesses which offer potential synergy.

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