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CompactGTL Case Study

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“We are delighted with the contribution that our Wilton Centre operation continues to make to the development of our company. The successful commissioning of the pilot plant in July 2008 was a major milestone for CompactGTL. Since then, the continued operations at the Wilton Centre have provided valuable input to the execution of our contract with Petrobras and the approval of our technology through the extensive testing at the commercial demonstration plant in Brazil.” CEO Nicholas Gay

CompactGTL continues to engage with numerous clients worldwide; evaluating commercial project opportunities for onshore modular plants, onshore hybrid plants and offshore plants.

CompactGTL has an industry approved gas solution offering strong economics for the oil industry; where flaring, gas infrastructure and reinjection are avoided. The business and strategy is focused on providing a unique value creating solution to the costly problem of associated and stranded gas disposal in the upstream oil and gas industry. It works with world-class partners including Petrobras, Sumitomo Corporation, SBM Offshore and Johnson Matthey to integrate its technology into their operations, adding value to the Net Present Value (NPV) of oilfields and gasfields in remote locations or oilfields in deepwater locations.

The unique and protected technology, which is 100% owned by CompactGTL, is a project enabler and enhances project NPV by overcoming flaring restrictions and gas infrastructure, creating additional crude revenues and allowing the oil company to book distressed gas as reserves.


The CompactGTL technology was originally developed within Accentus plc, formerly part of the UK Atomic Energy Authority. In 2005, Accentus was acquired by Coller Capital as part of a portfolio of non-core assets. CompactGTL plc was incorporated in June 2006 and a new management team was recruited to take the business forward as a solution provider to the upstream markets.

In July 2008, CompactGTL’s first pilot plant was successfully commissioned at The Wilton Centre site, which demonstrated the fully integrated process. The test facility in the centre has enabled the full evaluation and development of the process operating ‘envelope’as well as the start-up, shut-down and normal operating procedures. During testing the plant runs 24 hours a day and has now been in operation for over 4 years.

In 2006 Petrobras, the state controlled Brazilian oil company committed to a Joint Testing Agreement with CompactGTL, including the design, construction and testing of a larger scale, commercial demonstration plant. That plant was installed in Aracaju, Brazil, at the end of 2010 and has been in operation for over 2 years. The Wilton Centre pilot plant proved to be an excellent facility for operator training as part of the project with Petrobras.

CompactGTL at the Wilton Centre

The Wilton Centre site provided an excellent opportunity for CompactGTL to rapidly implement and start up its pilot plant operations in 2008. The pilot plant at the Wilton Centre provides a facility for on-going demonstration of the CompactGTL process in the UK. CompactGTL continues to strengthen the team located at the centre and the facility is now being established as a training centre for CompactGTL clients.

The North East also provides an excellent technical resource pool for the company, both in terms of the recruitment of technical and operations staff as well as the numerous service support companies and contractors in the locality.

Key Features

  • CompactGTL is empowering oil companies to resolve the issue of associated and stranded gas
  • The company has ensured the commercial validity of the technology through collaboration with independent, strategic partners worldwide
  • In partnership with Brazilian oil company Petrobras, CompactGTL has installed a large scale commercial demonstration plant in Aracaju, Brazil which has been operating since start up in December 2010.

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