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CatalySystems Case Study

  • Courtyard at Wilton Centre

CatalySystems is a small UK company offering a new suite of water decontamination systems to meet the needs of global industries to comply with ever tighter environmental restrictions, and to reduce increasing operational costs on wastewater handling and treatment.

CatalySystems is applying its advanced water decontamination systems to:

  • Industrial wastewater reuse / recycling, providing cost, efficiencies on the operation of industrial plant.
  • Future-proofing against environmental discharge violations.

Unlike traditional water treatment techniques that merely concentrate the contaminant for later disposal, this unique and protected technology, which is 100% owned by CatalySystems, is a low-energy, sustainable system that completely destroys soluble contaminants and eradicates water-borne bacteria such as those responsible for Legionnaires disease.


Founded in May 2009, CatalySystems is positioning itself to become established as the leading developer & supplier of advanced reactor units for water decontamination & a leading supply-chain partner for major third party corporations.

In its first year of operations, CatalySystems filed its own platform IP & generated significant early sales revenues from a global metal manufacturing client in independently verified technology-proving field trials.

In February 2011, the Company secured £130k of funding from the NE POC Fund.

In April 2011, CatalySystems, moved in to the purpose-built Innovation Accelerator, which allowed it to ramp up its development activity to design & produce 2-5m3/hr mobile units which have successfully proven the capabilities of the Company’s patent protected technology, for effective treatment through independently verified field-trials.

In July 2012 the Company secured £960k from a consortium led by IP Group, 2 private investors, and follow-on investment from NETF.

In September 2012 – patent granted through UK Green Channel route.

In November 2012, the Company moved from the Innovation Accelerator to larger premises on the Wilton site in line with its future growth plans. This includes a dedicated laboratory area, a separate larger testing/assembly workshop area, and offices.

CatalySystems at the Innovation Accelerator

The facilities at Innovation Accelerator allowed the company to relocate itself into fit-for-purpose premises, where  development work and demonstration pilot plant could be set-up and tested. The Innovation Accelerator provided an excellent opportunity for CatalySystems to rapidly implement its development plan during 2011.

In addition, the centre itself provides excellent and very convenient amenities enabling CatalySystems to host visits and meetings.

The Innovation Accelerator team provided support and guidance which assisted CatalySystems in achieving its initial £130k funding under the NE Proof of Concept fund.

The Innovation Accelerator provided a natural base, to allow a young process engineering company to get established, and provide suitable grow-on space within the same location.

Contact: Irene Allcroft, Chief Executive
Tel: +44 (0) 1642 438203

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