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Successful Innovation at Wilton Centre

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  • Successful Innovation
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With over 60 tenants Wilton Centre is home to multi-national businesses as well as supporting innovative SMEs.

These SMEs thrive at Wilton Centre. We hope that you find our SME success stories inspiring and are excited by their potential.


“The Company can now ramp up its technical development through having access to these purpose built facilities, which have been established with the needs of small process technology companies in mind.” – Neil Foster, Technical Director
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Guardian Marine Testing

“Choosing to be based at the Wilton Centre allowed us to come in and run from day one without any peripheral distractions.” – Andrew Shaw, Managing Director
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“We are delighted with the contribution that our Wilton Centre operation continues to make to the development of our company.” – Nicholas Gay, CEO
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“The Wilton Centre location has been key to Plaxica’s growth and success. The unique combination of skilled resources, existing infrastructure and the services offered by CPI has enabled us to accelerate our growth.” – Phil Goodier, Chief Executive Officer
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