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Wilton Centre psychotherapist inspired by courage of clients

April 2017

Psychotherapist Sharon McMahon is based at Wilton Centre

A psychotherapist based at the Wilton Centre is urging people to take action to address any issues that are threatening to overwhelm them.

Sharon McMahon’s psychotherapy practice is well established at the Centre and she welcomes a variety of clients from within the Centre, as well as from outside.

The range of issues clients bring is almost as wide as the range of her clients but what Sharon says has inspired her most has been the bravery people show in turning up at all.

“Even as psychotherapy and counselling become more mainstream, it still requires a bold step to make that first call or send that first, tentative email,” she said.

“People often come to their first appointment feeling extremely nervous, and yet they come, which I believe deserves recognition.”

Sharon added: “Facing the fact that support would be helpful is a massive admission for some people. There will be some for whom it is too big a step for now, but I am full of admiration for those who pluck up the courage to come when it feels very scary at first.

“Fortunately, that quickly subsides as they realise that I’m helping them reconnect with strength and resourcefulness they already had. They remain fully in control throughout.

“So whatever is on your mind, whether New Year’s resolutions are faltering, or longer term issues are starting to feel overwhelming, I would urge anyone to risk an initial free-of-charge chat.”

Contact Sharon on 01642 438359 or 07896 152130 or via email at sharon@sharonmcmahon.co.uk

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