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Lakeside Gym unveils new winter timetable

November 2016

Gym class

Lakeside Gym offers a wide range of studio classes for members

Wilton Centre's Lakeside Gym has published a new timetable of studio classes with something for everyone ranging from high intensity training through to yoga.

Members can take advantage of a wide choice of classes that run at peak times of the day - early morning, lunchtime and post work.

The classes on offer include Katami, a fast-paced class is based on the science of one-minute burst intervals,
BoxFIT, which incorporates boxing drills combined with high intensity techniques, Pilates consisting of controlled movements designed to stretch and strengthen muscles working to align the spine and improve posture and Orange T+, a new twist on a popular class that allows participants to choose from the bike, treadmill, x-trainer
and rower at set intervals to achieve the required heart rate followed by a variety of strength exercises
performed on the gym's synergy station.

In addition Ladies that Lift offers a women’s strength training session working with barbells, kettlebells and resistance machines to reduce body fat and burn calories more efficiently and GroupFIT provides a challenging full body resistance workout for men and women blended with intervals of cardio, strength-training and recovery.

For further details of these and the whole programme of classes on offer please contact the gym on 01642 438360
or call in.

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