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TeeGene develops R&D for platinum extraction from wastewater

September 2016

Rahman in lab

Dr Pattanathu Rahman, Founding Director of TeeGene

Research being undertaken by Wilton Centre tenant TeeGene is focusing on the recovery of a highly valuable precious metal from wastewater.

The collaborative project between TeeGene, academics from Teesside University and the University of York, which is funded by BBSRC Metals in Biology, is investigating the potential of extracting platinum using eco-friendly bacteria.

Platinum is one of the least abundant elements in the earth’s crust and as such has a high material value.

This precious metal is present in wastewater from a diverse range of sources such as metal refining, chemical industries and hospital waste where it can be found as a component of chemotherapy drugs and end-of-life electronic equipment’s such as glucose sensors.

The work complements TeeGene’s existing R&D work to recover precious metals using plants with the University of York that is funded by the High Value Chemicals from Plants (HVCfP) network which designed to boost interactions between academia and industry.

Dr Pattanathu Rahman, Founding Director of TeeGene said that the proposed work will integrate TeeGene’s core technologies and business aspirations with the recovery of high value materials using biobased technologies to create a central enabling technology for metallic waste management.

He added: “The five universities in the region already do a lot of good work in this field. It’s important that companies continue to work with these universities to commercialise research and development.”

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