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Calysta hits development milestone at Wilton Centre plant

June 2017

Alan Shaw Calysta

Alan Shaw, Calysta President and CEO

Feed developer Calysta has achieved a new production milestone at its state-of-the art facility at the Wilton Centre.

The company has successful produced over four metric tons of commercially representative FeedKind® protein for distribution to customers and partners globally. These samples will support market development in the European Union, the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, China, and Australia.

FeedKind protein is a family of natural, sustainable, and traceable feed ingredients for fish, livestock and pets that is being developed to help meet the world’s growing demand for food.

It is produced via a continuous fermentation process of a natural microorganism, using the world’s only commercially-validated gas fermentation process.

The Wilton Centre plant has met its design parameters, including key commercial metrics such as yield and productivity, and has successfully maintained a continuous fermentation for eight weeks, to produce over four metric tons of commercially representative FeedKind protein to date.

“We are extremely pleased at the performance of this facility achieving its target metrics quickly, safely and efficiently,” said Graham Aylen, Calysta Vice President of Capital Projects.

“This accomplishment has been possible based on the strength of our proprietary technology and the fact that this facility is a scaled-down version of a successful commercial facility.”

Calysta has put state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality assurance processes in place resulting from more than 10 years of research and development on FeedKind protein. The Wilton Centre facility is a scale-down from a reactor demonstrated to produce at a rate of 10,000 metric tons per year.

“I want to commend our team in the UK for achieving this significant milestone and hitting our facility’s design parameters in a very short timeframe,” said Alan Shaw, Ph.D., Calysta President and CEO.

“It is a testament to our team’s extensive experience in continuous fermentation and the power of our proprietary technology. Our customers are now able to benefit from Calysta’s substantial investment in research and manufacturing technology for FeedKind protein over the last decade.”

FeedKind protein is a natural, proprietary, and competitively priced animal feed ingredient. It is a safe, non-animal source of protein approved for sale and use in the EU and has been tested on multiple species, including fish, livestock, and pets.

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