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Lakeside Gym

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Fantastic Fitness Facilities

Our superb Lakeside Gym is a stunning state-of-the art facility that is exclusively for the use of tenants. Boasting over 30 exercise stations comprising the latest CV and resistance equipment and offering a packed schedule of exercise classes, it is designed to offer easy access to first-rate fitness facilities to help members to achieve a healthy, fit and happy lifestyle.

Facilities include:

  • A fitness studio offering early morning, lunchtime and evening classes
  • Synergy 360 Group Training Station
  • Highly qualified Fitness Coaches
  • A range of therapies & beauty treatments
  • Health bar
  • Treatment Rooms
  • Luxurious changing facilities
  • Personalised fitness programs

Classes on offer:

Lakeside Gym Class Timetable (pdf)

Kettle Blast

The Russian way to improving your core strength and muscular endurance. This class will target every major muscle group and shred body fat.


A challenging workout involving skipping combined with exercises using your bodyweight providing a high calorie burn guaranteed.

Strike Fusion

A total body workout that gets you kicking and punching combined with conditioning exercises to rev up your heart rate and shred fat.

Synergy FX

Conquer your body and force it to change. A strength and power workout using your body on the Synergy to get you super fit super quick.


Consists of controlled movements designed to stretch and strengthen muscles working to align the spine and improve posture.

Boot Camp Girl

Sorry guys this is for women only! A high intensity cardio and conditioning class for women of all abilities helping you achieve a healthy and strong body.

Hiit FIT

Using weights, kettlebells and boxing techniques this workout provides results you can see. So expect an intensive and fun workout!

Ab Attack

Firm up your mid-section with this intense burst of torso toning using only your body to target those stubborn areas.

Fitball Circuit

Work your core and tone your upper and lower body. This class dramatically improves your posture and core stability using the famous swiss ball.

Cardio Sculpt

An innovative way to keep fit combining a mix of dance and toning. Let the beat of the music take you on a heart pumping journey to a fitter you.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga will take through a set series of postures that are linked dynamically to the breath, generating heat and burning energy.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha focuses on improving strength, flexibility and endurance in equal measure. A gentle yet demanding class for mind, body and soul.


A session using bangin’ beats and focuses on the rhythm of the music to help you forget you’re exercising but also to enjoy your time in the saddle.


A unique spinning and bodyweight experience. Burn calories, develop lean muscle whilst fine tuning your fitness with our 10 on 10 off approach.


Mixing up flats and hills incorporating interval train- ing designed to build strength, burn calories whilst monitoring your heart rate using our HR system.


Physio led class focusing on the muscles of the back and abdomen to aid injury prevention, rehabilitation and posture control.


Using Merengue, Samba and Salsa dance moves. This unique fitness class is set to get your heart pumping and your feet tapping.


A fast paced, variable intensity fitness concept for all levels. A bodyweight class with a unique blend of intensity that encourages fast results.

Peak Physique

Achieve a lean body with this muscle conditioning class. Burn body fat whilst developing lean muscle tissue creating a firm, toned physique to music.

LBT Circuit

Your classic Legs, Bums and Tums providing a workout that is challenging yet providing results in the most problematic areas for most.

Additional Services offered:

  • Sports Injury Clinic
  • Fitness Instruction
  • Weight Management Programs
  • Physiotherapy
  • Personal Training
  • Sports Massage
  • Chiropody/Podiatry
  • Posture Coach

Membership for tenants

No joining fee - £25 per month. Corporate discounts are available

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