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Wilton Centre
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Dodds Brown
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Knight Frank
Telephone: 0191 221 2211

Vanessa Clark - Sinclair Clark
Telephone: 020 7494 9399

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Intertek Wilton delivers value to its clients by applying its excellent analytical, characterisation and physical science capabilities and its highly experienced experts to all sorts of chemistry- and materials-related problems. Understanding chemistry, materials science, physical properties and the relationship between them is one of the group’s great strengths. Intertek Wilton specialists can complement the work of your own scientists and engineers in developing new products and processes.

Intertek Wilton adds value through its work for its customers in the speciality chemicals, polymers, plastics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare products, catalysts and materials sectors. State-of-the-art measurements and analysis cover the atomic to the polymeric, surface to bulk and micro to macro-scale, with ultra-trace analysis of the elements, imaging of chemical groups and determination of physical properties.

Web: www.intertek.com/analytical-laboratories/wilton

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Innovation Accelerator
Catapult Hight Value Manufacturing
Member of NOF energy